Lili of the Valley
A metaphysical practitioner both learns, teaches and attempts to practice those spiritual beliefs based on spiritual, emotional, auric and some physical aspects. 
By using the meditation process we learn to listen to our higher selves and practically to others in our lives.  We manifest what we believe in or our desires into the physical.  Meditating on security for ourselves, we receive notice of a raise or a check in the mail that evaded us before.  Meditating on wellness, our health may improve or we may change our way of looking at our health in order to accept what is really happening in our lives. By changing the way we look at things we change our perception.  It no longer is an obstacle but a challenge.  Being interested in spiritual teachings does not eliminate God from our lives but strengthens our belief that there is a God. 
Learning about energy systems, divining techniques, or methods using certain tools, even using ourselves as those tools only helps elevate us to a different level of understanding about the human race and how in the very end we are all the same and have the same goals, desires and ambitions.  Though perhaps not all at the same time or the same life time, in the end we are all here for a special reason - we are all part of a gigantic puzzle and every piece is necessary to carry us to heaven or nirvana. 
Man's curiosity continues and all of us are interested in the metaphysical, the mystic, magic, divining, superstitions, UFOs. spirits, paranormal activity etc. are growing and learning in THE QUEST TO KNOW WHERE DO WE COME FROM; WHERE DO WE GO WHEN WE DIE;  WHY ARE WE HERE?  

Life is truly stranger than fiction - welcome to this journey.



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